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Old 13th-May-2007, 18:57
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2007
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Default Freelander XDi - whats reliability like?

Hello all

New to the forum, currently looking to buy a Freelander.

My budget is not large but I do want a diesel. I have looked at a very clean XDi, yr 2000, 80k but I just wanted some feedback re: the landrover lump reliability.

A lot of people I have spoken to say I MUST go for a TD4 as the rover diesels are very poor, both engine and drivetrain but as mentioned my budget won't stretch to that.

Some other people have said they're great!

What is the general consensus on the forum.



PS It has a full, main dealer service history.
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Old 13th-May-2007, 20:11
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Default Re: Freelander XDi - whats reliability like?

L series engine is very strong. I have seen L series Rover vehicles (same engine) with 200K + and still running strong.

Regular servicing is the key to reliability. Oil is cheap and repairs are not.

Sounds like a good purchase.


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Old 14th-May-2007, 06:33
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Location: Standish, Lancs
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Default Re: Freelander XDi - whats reliability like?

L series is bullet proof !!!

As it always says in the motoring press "TD4 is more refined" - whatever that means ???

oh and my 1999 XEDi is for sale !!!!!!
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Old 14th-May-2007, 08:22
cashybai's Avatar
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Default Re: Freelander XDi - whats reliability like?

Ralph, read the attached thread..
Who's the oldest hippo of them all?
Both Tinytdi and myself are running 150k( within 800 miles, in my case) Xedi's, and we're not the only ones..As for reliability, G13's got it smack on. Truth, mine has a few bits not playing, see my signature, but to be honest, for a 9 year old motor no probs. Tay's also right, the TD4 is a more refined, more powerful lump, but it can have its share of probs too, as you will find if you peruse the posts here, also the posts on Beemer forums as regards desisel lumps. Bottom line is, get one thats bin serviced smack on interval, FSH and generally bin well cared for.

IMHO with a bit of fettling/tweakin and RoverRon's help & guidance, the L series can punch out more power than a TD4. Go for it Son!

Just re-read yer post, 80k is baby miles, just make sure the service book is stamped or you got receipts fer services. Check the back tyres out fer castelation(do a search on that one), and if yer find owt yer not sure on, post it up on here........

Re-read again( me eyes are wonky after a busy night shift....3am shouts again!) Full dealer service history speaks volumes...

Last edited by cashybai; 14th-May-2007 at 08:28. Reason: Missed it earlier
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Old 14th-May-2007, 09:17
Boxer's Avatar
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Default Re: Freelander XDi - whats reliability like?

I've got one 2000 143K miles. 17K by me since last August. Its a dream to drive now the tyre problem is sorted. I love it! The next door neighbour has a TD4 and although its more refined, I think because its better put together, he says he was more than happy with the 'L' series he had before. Go for it.
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Old 14th-May-2007, 22:46
ming's Avatar
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Location: PLANIT ZOG
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Default Re: Freelander XDi - whats reliability like?

i fink you will find the l series is bomb proof. . .not as refined as the td4, but engine wise it has less issues, if you got service history then that a bonus. . . .
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Old 19th-May-2007, 15:24
tinytdi's Avatar
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Default Re: Freelander XDi - whats reliability like?

The L series ROCKS.
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Old 20th-May-2007, 17:11
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Default Re: Freelander XDi - whats reliability like?

We've got a L-series with 105,000 heavy miles on the clock, and a TD4 with 50,000 road/tow miles. The TD4 is a more exciting drive than the L-series, but we are ressured by its reputation for reliability.


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Old 22nd-May-2007, 22:56
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2007
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Default Re: Freelander XDi - whats reliability like?

I love my L series and would recommend one to anyone. Its not quitest smoothest ride, but if you want that you dont buy a freelander or a diesel. I find it ok on fuel consumtion, easy to drive, not too noisy and loads of room for the holidays etc. My wife loves it to.
I change the oil often, but thats about it. Get one and enjoy it.
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Old 2nd-November-2008, 11:28
JMM JMM is offline
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Default Re: Freelander XDi - whats reliability like?


Found this link through google and hope you don't mind me posting in the same thread but i'm in the same situation to.

Was looking at a 1.8 Petrol and almost bought one then saw the problems and put me right off, then saw the 2 litre diesel and decided on that one after reading this thread.

When looking for them, i've come across 2, an XDI and an XEDI and was wondering what the difference is and if there is a difference, which is better and any things I should look out for when buying one?

Regard Jake
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