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Old 7th-December-2008, 11:46
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Default Freelander Heated rear windows

Hi guys, need some help here.

Heated rear window not working on my TD4, checked the normal suspects, fuse, switch, and connections to screen in rear door.... nadda ! !

When the switch is pressed the orange light comes on, suggesting there is power to it, correct ? Have removed the fuse and checked it on a meter, all ok there.

When the switch is pressed there is a clicking noise in the fuse box that suggests a relay is working, however i can not fine the relay, and although the Haynes manual says there is one.... i can not determine which on it is ! any clues ? or is this clicking just the CCU ?

Help, driving me mad, and as it is getting down below -5 most nights here, i really need it ! !

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Old 7th-December-2008, 19:45
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Default Re: Freelander Heated rear windows

HRW relay is in the main fuse box under the steering wheel. Rip off the tail door trim and check you're getting power and earth to the window. If so then the window is faulty, usually caused by stickers being put on the window then pulled off again. Make sure the terminals on the window are secure, these usually fall off and supergluing them on doesn't work!

Also when you do the checks, make sure you have the engine running. It wont work with just the ignition on
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