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Old 4th-January-2010, 13:36
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2010
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Default 2002 freelander tailgate window problem

Hi folks am new here, i have a issue with my tailgate window. have replaced all the wires for mechanism all ok and correct , but the window will only wind down and the motor wont go up have looked at switch and replaced it it just wont go up for some reason very frustrating it just beeps and wants to go down not up, any ideas would be great. thanks
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Old 26th-January-2010, 20:17
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2009
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Default Re: 2002 freelander tailgate window problem

I need help with my tailgate regulator change. It's a long story but I have burned out two motor gearbox units (MGUs) following installation of a repaired regulator. One was my fault, I was driving the motor from an external 12v battery powering pins 3&6 on the connector. I think I stalled it out and butned out the electronics. I got a replacement MGU and when I connected the battery following installation the window ran to the top and burned out the motor again. I have no idea why it ran the wrong way If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. Anyway, The RAVE disk tells you to wind the window up to connect the heater cables before it tells you to connect the battery. As we all know, when you connect the battery the window should run all the way down. Anyone out ther prepared to tell me exactly how they successfully set up their window?
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Old 26th-January-2010, 21:42
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Location: Gravesend, Kent
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Default Re: 2002 freelander tailgate window problem

What model freelander have you got ? 3 door or 5 door
Roof switch ?
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