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Old 16th-September-2009, 19:16
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 2
Cool sloppy gearstick

what needs replacing to take out the slop in the gear stick
r reg disco 1 300 tdi xs
gear stick is very sloppy difficult to find gate and moves around once in gear
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Old 16th-September-2009, 19:35
disconewbie's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Hertford
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Default Re: sloppy gearstick

Might be your bias plate ?

300tdi manual gear shift

Hope this helps ?
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Old 16th-September-2009, 19:38
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Default Re: sloppy gearstick

make sure yu get a strengthened one, so it doesnt happen again.
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Old 21st-January-2011, 22:21
thainy's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: swindon
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Default Re: sloppy gearstick

got to do mine tomorrow. it sits between 1st n 2nd at the mo and flops around all over the shop. nightmare finding gears. anyone know if it can be done without taking the whole center console out? lift up the gaiter and go??
also just noticed i have been sent a new plate, not a spring like i was expecting, is it more likely to be a broken plate or a shot spring causing it flop around???
95' disco 300tdi r380 box
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Old 21st-January-2011, 22:54
jamesmartin's Avatar
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Default Re: sloppy gearstick

you need to take consol out easy job after disconnecting hand brake pin,when fitting plate put bolts thru springs and leave loose ,push gear stick and forward opposite to the spring and bend into place with mole grips or such plate has slotted holes to allow for adjusment of aligning gear lever with 3rd 4th gear adjust with gear stick temporairly fitted as its wiegth makes a difference
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sloppy gearbox

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