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Old 7th-March-2012, 22:11
Leeibberson's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Somerset
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Default Defender alarm??

Hey guys,

2 weeks ago my 90 200tdi defender pride and joy got broke into for a stupid iPod smashed the drivers window, no other damage just the inconvienience of buying a new one and fitting it.

However since then I have stepped up the security by putting some gates on the back yard and a lock, with a security light directly next to the defender, also I wired in a home made immobiliser switch linked to the fuel pump.

But with the increasing number of defenders being stolen I am looking to get or fit an alarm and just wondering what people on here have in their defenders ? Or any companies in the south west to recommend ?

Any help appreciated
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Old 8th-March-2012, 00:42
ratty's Avatar
I'm not special I'm limited edition
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Stuck in a ditch somewhere in Somerset
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Default Re: Defender alarm??

tbh mechanical devices such as a steering wheel lock or pedal lock are a better bet than an alarm.

Whereabouts in Somerset are you?
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Old 8th-March-2012, 00:50
blue beasty's Avatar
Leaks an prone to bits dropping off
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Default Re: Defender alarm??

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Old 8th-March-2012, 06:47
Leeibberson's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Somerset
Posts: 45
Default Re: Defender alarm??

Currently residing in Bridgwater, the reason for alarm is my room looks onto the back yard looking directly on to where the defender is, and the defender holds a lot of my tools which are insured but if anyone was to attempt to get in if I had an alarm I could act quickly.

I've been looking at toad alarms anyone had any experience with them?
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Old 8th-March-2012, 07:35
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 116
Default Re: Defender alarm??

hi i believe those toad alarms are very good, worth the pennies and dont fault very often. you can get the toad ai606 fitted by stafford specialist auto electronics for 224.00 which is silly cheap. and if your handy you can retro fit central locking for about 15.00 more

cheers dave.
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Old 8th-March-2012, 10:58
BearDy89's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Bristol
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Default Re: Defender alarm??

No harm in sticking an alarm on, but its not really worth putting a 200+ alarm on.
as it can be defeated as easy as a 30 ebay special.
It may go off for a couple seconds before its disarmed which may be enough for you to hear it and act.

But once they are in it takes mins to drive away.

I agree with Ratty

Id spend the 200+ on mechanical stuff instead of an alarm.
And and a 30 alarm as well just to make a bit of noise if you so wish
Your best bet is BIG YELLOW Mechanical devices. such as:


Disklok Titanium Silver Steering Wheel lock Small Size | eBay


PedalLock - The second one completely enclouses the pedals so you cant get any tools behind it.


Adrenalin Defender Security Pedal Lock

Last edited by BearDy89; 8th-March-2012 at 11:17.
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Old 8th-March-2012, 14:36
nunny.bdsc's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: west yorks
Posts: 1,160
Default Re: Defender alarm??

Number 1 as said is disklok.number 2 is bolt some of those disc padlocks you see on some work vans and expedition landys to both front doors and back.number 3 tracker.number 4 alarm cheapo..number 5.big dog.

Last edited by nunny.bdsc; 8th-March-2012 at 20:57.
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Old 8th-March-2012, 19:36
lucifus's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Herts
Posts: 537
Default Re: Defender alarm??

Ive been contemplating an alarm now for some time. Ive got steering lock and pedal lock already but an alarm would be cool as it would alert me to the local scum if indeed they did try to steal it. Im not spending 200 plus on a fancy alarm. Does anyone have a link to an ebay special with experience fitting one of these? Are they any good? The last thing i want is to piss the neighbours off with false alarms in the middle of the night.
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Old 8th-March-2012, 20:09
Shifty1962's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: The Winchester Club - Englandshire
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Default Re: Defender alarm??

By all means get a cheap alarm to scare the kids off but it wont stop anyone with half a brain whos been to Borstal for a few months to learn the tricks of the trade. If your alarm suddenly starts sounding for no apparent reason night after night then beware because often the scrotes will keep deliberately setting it off without actually trying to get in. You naturally assume an alarm fault and dont set it one night so the neighbours can get some kip. Guess what? When the scotes try to set it off and it don't sound they are in and away. Happens even with fancy high end alarms.

Physical deterrents slow them down and time is their worst enemy.
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Old 9th-March-2012, 10:04
MarkC123's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire
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Default Re: Defender alarm??

Recently fitted a Cobra immobiliser to mine. Cost about 40. Quite involved to fit but it's helped my peace of mind (and hopefully insurance). Still use a steering lock bar thing too though.

No doubt someone who really knows what they're doing could bypass it but if they're that desparate then they could probably get through most other alarm/immobilisers.

My logic is that if there is visible security fitted (including the little flashing LED and key-thing for my immobiliser) then most scrotes (sadly not all) will move on
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