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300 TDi Land Rover 300TDI

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Old 20th-February-2010, 17:49
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Default Horrible noise


Bought a 98 defender 110 recently and everything was lovely until today, as I started to pull away there is a horrible rattling noise from the engine, when you pull over or slow to a couple of miles an hour it stops. Its quite hard to get it to make the noise when its stood still on the drive but it seems to be coming from near the alternator (but that looks very clean and new) or from the top front of the engine. Sorry for the rubbish disc ut I am new to land rover engines.
Any thoughts would be apprieciated...cheers guys,, loving it apart from that...
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Old 21st-February-2010, 09:43
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Default Re: Horrible noise

on my disco there is a heat sheild under the exsaust manifold, is that cracked and ratteling? or has it done like mine fell off and caught and causeing the ratteling?

the heat sheild us just behind the alternator
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Old 8th-March-2010, 13:36
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Default Re: Horrible noise

Are you sure it's not one of the drive belts? I've had a similar noise and it sounded like no slipping "fanbelt" that I've ever heard. But, the main dribe belt is apparently what it is. Apparently there is an automatic tensioner which sometimes packs up ( about 50 ) but my noise/rattle seems to come an go. I also recall reading somewhere that silicone spray can quieten it down. But the source of my rattle/squeal was very close to the alternator and water pump pulleys.
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Old 12th-March-2010, 08:17
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Default Re: Horrible noise


follow this guide (by discomania) to replace the bearing (cost 5) instead of replacing the whole unit (50)

quite easy (I'm a novice too) and didn't take too long.

Discomania Bearing Replacement - if any mods are reading this it might make a good sticky

even if it isn't the problem it's worth doing anyway just to eliminate what it could be
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