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Common Faults and Questions Have a look here to see if you can solve questions that you might have.

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Old 21st-April-2010, 23:22
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Bulletin Number - 0002

Issue - 1

Date - 20.01.1999

Model - Freelander

Affected Range - All vehicles with K16 engines up to approximate VIN XA 658828

Re-Issue Information

Problem -


Coolant level, difficult to maintain.
Visual coolant leak from inlet manifold gasket.
Engine may eventually overheat.
Coolant in No. 1 cylinder / misfire

Relaxation of inlet manifold fixings resulting in external or internal coolant loss.
Distorted / damaged inlet manifold gasket due to overheating.


With reference to Workshop Manual repair number 30.15.08, apply the following modification.

1. Remove old type (black) inlet manifold gasket.

2. Remove the 3 upper manifold studs.

3. Fit 7 new type ‘patchlock’ studs, part number TE108065ML to all inlet manifold threaded holes.

NOTE: Patchlock stud end must be fitted to cylinder head.

4. Refit manifold with modified (green) gasket, part number LKJ101110L and modified fixing torque nuts FX108047L.

5. Tighten all manifold nuts to 17 Nm in the sequence shown in illustration.

6. Ensure cooling system is correctly bled to ensure no air pockets exist. Refer to Workshop Manual repair number 26.10.01.

7. Pressure test cooling system to confirm no leaks exist. If any pressure loss is detected, carry out further investigation to establish cause.

Parts Information

LKJ101110L - Inlet manifold gasket

TE108065ML - Patchlock studs (7 off required)

FX108047L - Torque nuts (7 off required)


Use Complaint Code: 2U1N

Use S.R.O.: 30.15.89/28

Time allowance: 1.80 Hrs
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Old 11th-May-2014, 11:45
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If coolant continues to seep from this area even after you complete the work as listed above, then possibility it could be your head gasket weeping coolant. If you renew your head gasket, do it right. Take the head for machining, do the oil rail to the stronger version + Hylomar sealant on new head gasket. Here's a link to my project, my 1.8 Freelander runs quieter than ever before and no more coolant loss or leaks. 1.8K Freelander Head Gasket Renewal and Overheating Fix - YouTube
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