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Old 6th-September-2010, 20:59
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Default Suspension and abs all over the place!!

Hi Guys, wonder if anyone can help. I have a range rover sport 2006 and when I go over even a small bumb the ride is all over the place, suspension drops and abs starts to shudder. The following fault codes have been recorded

U0416 - invalid data from dynamic control module
U0421 - invalid data from ride level module
U0132 - lost communication with ride level control module
C1A20 - presure increase too slow when filling
C1A00 - control module

It will then sort itself for a few days then goes again and the local dealer can't find the problem, and there aren't many/any! decent mechanics where I live (Portugal).

Is this a common fault?(I know of 4 others doing the same thing) Any ideas of what to tell a mechanic to look for would be welcome.

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Old 21st-February-2014, 07:31
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Default Re: Suspension and abs all over the place!!

hi i have rangerover vouge 2009
ther is lot of fault codes
plz help how i find where is problem
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Old 21st-February-2014, 18:21
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Default Re: Suspension and abs all over the place!!

First off is to use a dedicated LR Diagnostics device....

P Codes are for Powerplant issues (the engine) and P0XXX are listed under SAE guidelines an P1XXX and manufacturer codes.

U Codes are Network Specific Codes...

Attached is a decipher....but to find out what they mean and what the issues are - you need a diagnostics device capable of reading LR Codes and gives the translations....

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