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Old 11th-May-2011, 22:57
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Join Date: May 2011
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Default P38 4.6 Lpg

Hi just wondering if anyone can give me advice on LPG. I am new to it, My p38 has a Zavoli kit fitted with a Voltrans indicator on the dash.
Now my questions really are there are 2 led's on the indicator at the bottom the 1 on the right is red and the 1 on the left is amber. When i first start driving the leds go from one to the other and back again for a while. Eventually it goes onto gas and stays there until i stop in traffic for a minute or 2 then they go from 1 to the other and back again, is this correct? Im new to all this so any help or instructions on use etc will be appreciated
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Old 11th-May-2011, 22:58
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Default Re: P38 4.6 Lpg

Gas gauges are crap, use trip meter
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Old 12th-May-2011, 06:26
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Default Re: P38 4.6 Lpg

That sounds like the LEDs to indicate if you are on gas or petrol, assuming it is the same gauge as fitted to my Zavoli kit.

My zavoli equipped 4.6 will saty on gas even when in traffic.
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Old 12th-May-2011, 11:18
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Default Re: P38 4.6 Lpg

hi mike , sounds like u have a faulty display unit , i too have a 4.6 v8 with lpg a multipoint sequential unit wich is a zavoli . i have not had any problems since having it fitted 2 yrs + i have it serviced regulary , check that your filter is ok and if not sure how old yours is i suggest you have it serviced should only cost about 40/50 max with filter ...( where abouts are u based ) ? can give u details of top place in m/cr cheers for now hope this helps MOZZ
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Old 12th-May-2011, 11:41
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Default Re: P38 4.6 Lpg

If you have selected gas it should start with red at the top on and the amber at the bottom flashing indicating it has started on petrol but has gas selected and should change when it meets the change over point this can be either accelerating or decelerating RPM or temperature. when the change occurs the top red will go out and the bottom amber become solid. the bottom red is to indicate you are running out of gas and if its coming on and you have plenty in the tank would indicate a blockage, eg filter. As suggested above i would get it serviced by a pro, its not that expensive as there isnt that much to do just change the filter and hook it up to a laptop. A good fitter will also check all the pipework and joints. Get them to save a file of the settings for your system and email it to you. you can then buy a lead from fleabay and download the free software. Then if the system ever looses its settings its a simple job to reflash them to the gas ecu.
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