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Old 26th-October-2009, 12:14
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Default 2004 L322 Range Rover 3.0 TD6 Vogue "Air Suspension Inactive"

Hi All,

Sorry if there is already a thread on this but I couldnt find it.

Last sunday i went out in the morning to my mums, all was fine, but when I jumped back in it and started it up, the "Air Suspension Inactive" fault popped up on the dash, and I cannot adjust the settings manually. It is stuck on normal ride height, and the suspension seems to be at the right height when im looking at it.

The AA came out, he didnt have much of a clue, removed the spare wheel, and removed a black plate were a compressor was, he phoned his "mate" who was a Land Rover tech, and he said it was something to do with the muffler on the compressor.

Has anybody had any previous experience with this, and is there a common fault, and easy fix, its booked in to the local Land Rover dealer on thursday, and im proper panicing about the massive bill, as Ive only had the car since Jan and its my first Range Rover.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 26th-October-2009, 12:29
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Default Re: 2004 L322 Range Rover 3.0 TD6 Vogue "Air Suspension Inactive"

the muffler probably refers to the exhaust valve, basicall where the compressor gets rid of exess air, have a look at, prolly post a pic of what you see. it should unscrew/pull off.
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Old 28th-October-2009, 01:13
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Default Re: 2004 L322 Range Rover 3.0 TD6 Vogue "Air Suspension Inactive"

hi sean, i had the same warning comming on the display. i tired the start the engine turn full lock left to right to reset, didnt work so took it to my mate who has the software, he reset it for me, a hour later same again. after hours of reading on rave i checked the display and found that the passenger door switch was not working, which puts the suspension and air bags in inactive. i removed the lock located the switch bent the arm back to place tested took it back to my mate for reset and all is well.... touch wood. worked fine for 4 months now.

so check you have no other faults comming up on your display by pushing the button on the indicator thingy. and pray you are as lucky as me.

dealer wanted 80 + vat to do a reset
would suggest you find a local garage that has the software testbook.
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Old 30th-October-2009, 16:10
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Default Re: 2004 L322 Range Rover 3.0 TD6 Vogue "Air Suspension Inactive"


I also had the same thing last winter on a 2005 RR - The air compressor needed to be replaced - 700 Euro for a fitted, new compressor at the local LR dealer here in The Netherlands, so should be cheaper in the UK.
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