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JCH 8th-June-2010 18:58

L322 Steering Column
Just nipped out to move the car only to find that the steering column will not extend or tilt. I can hear the motor working but nothing happens. Can anyone help and let me know how to sort this out please.

mattstevenson2005 8th-June-2010 20:41

Re: L322 Steering Column
Hi mate, does it move when you try and move it manually with the control?


petewild 8th-June-2010 22:46

Re: L322 Steering Column
Mines pretty much the same, it used to have limited up and down movement but no in and out.
If I pull on the steering wheel it just 'slides' out, very disconcerting the first time it happened, but even when pulled out, it still steers OK.
I said above, 'it used to' because now, the up and down has gone too.

I asked both a Land Rover dealer and an independent garage, the independent said its a common fault, there are apparently two plastic clips that connect to two worm drives, one for up and down, one for in and out.
Once they go, its a new column, the independent quoted about 500, the LR dealer quoted 1500 to diagnose and fix.
Apparently there was a campaign to get LR to accept this as a recall because it happens so often, but as yet, nothing.......
Sorry, not much help with a fix, but you never know, someone may have found a way to repair rather than replace.......

JCH 9th-June-2010 12:50

Re: L322 Steering Column
Hi Matt

The column does not move at all, in / out, up or down.


mattstevenson2005 9th-June-2010 15:27

Re: L322 Steering Column
Hi John

Does it make a noise like the motor is trying to move the column? if not, check the fuses if i remember correctly the fuses for the column are located in the glove box fuse box, on the cover of the fuse box is a label with the location and type of fuse that the steering column needs, check to see if it has blown.


JCH 22nd-July-2010 08:22

Re: L322 Steering Column
Had a look at it last weekend and it is the white nylon clip that holds the motor in place that has broken. I can only think that the drive needed lubricating and as it wasn't and it became stiffer the motor twisated in such a way as to fianlly snap this piece. Without taking the facia off I could not see if I need to replace the unit or replace the clip.

navigator16078 23rd-July-2010 11:14

Re: L322 Steering Column
myn has stoped working i pull it out and use it like that as i can pull it out or push it in it passed an mot like that so it can stop like that

GaryS 10th-November-2010 17:42

Re: L322 Steering Column
I have a different problem. Can anyone help? THe motor is working and the up/down and in out adjustment is moving with the lever however, when I put the key in the ignition and turn it on the steering column lowers itself basically to my lap and has to be manually adjusted with the lever. When I remove the key from the ignition the steering wheel retracts to its original position but the motor can be heard running on after the key is removed? Has anyone got the solution? THanks

Willsta 12th-November-2010 22:07

Re: L322 Steering Column
Hi GaryS

I have just had the wheel in the lap issue this evening.

It happens exactly as you describe. I let it do it's thing when I put the key in, wheel down to the lap etc. Then used the electric adjust lever to lift it all the way up and all the way in towards the dash.

Re set memory position on side of seat etc also.

Key out then back in and wheel adjusts as normal!!

Hope this is of some help?



eightinavee 12th-November-2010 22:30

Re: L322 Steering Column
If its any help I've seen two problems with these columns.....
First is that the thread on the shaft is badly machined and wears out the brass nut,ending up with the motor working but the column being free to move when pulled.
Second is that white plastic clip - what a stoopid design !! After they break you end up with the same situation as the threads failing.
I have repaired both problems,its a bit time consuming but has worked well.The thread can be cut properly on the shaft and I made a new nut from aluminium.The plastic clip I ended up repairing with a piece of aluminium plate and drilling holes in it to then use self tappers to hold it together.With extra help from a couple of decent quality cable ties it worked well.
I cant believe what a poor design it is.
BTW if the steering wheel is free to move around it is an MOT failure.

cossiedave 13th-November-2010 20:35

Re: L322 Steering Column
mine stopped working and it turned out to be the 13 nut had tightened itself

cheggs 15th-January-2011 23:50

Re: L322 Steering Column
Hi Gary was just reading your post about the steering column prob's. been seaching load but you are the first person i've come across with exactly the same fault.did you find out what was up and a fix for it. cheers Tom

GaryS 16th-January-2011 14:27

Re: L322 Steering Column
Hi Willsta

I have tried resetting memory on side of seat several times but the steering column still has a mind of its own sometimes. Thanks

JCH 24th-July-2011 13:00

Re: L322 Steering Column
Sorted the tilt issue by releasing the stop nut by 1/4 turn, telescopic issue is another matter! I got 2 clips from Britparts(2 each), 2 because I know what a heavy handed camel I can be at times and 2 because the design is so stupid I thought it best! After a couple of hours of swearing and sweating I have given up.
Without removing the fascia the area is inaccessible and the drive shaft does not seem to line up. I am unsure as to how I would remove the fascia so did not want to bluster in and do more damage without checking on here first for some words of advice about doing this.

Can anyone suggest the best way of doing this without having to resort to main stealers or independents?

bigdel 24th-July-2011 19:33

Re: L322 Steering Column
mine had the same problem before i bought it, and LR fitted a new column. seen people writing about the same thing plenty of times so it's a relatively common fault.

bigrichw 19th-September-2012 20:58

Re: L322 Steering Column
This is a new one then by the looks of it?

A new steering column 800 plus labour!!

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